From a Virtual Event to a Success Story

The "EACP Virtual B2B - Aerospace Applications & Technologies" was held from June 8th to 10th 2021 gathering together the whole aerospace supply chain!

The European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP) is the most active, visible and comprehensive Aerospace Cluster Collaboration Platform in Europe. The Partnership establishes trustworthy relations through close interaction and open collaboration among European aerospace regions and beyond.

The EACP acts as a platform for mutual exchange and pushes innovation among their partners. At the same time, it is an important contact point for EU Institutions in aerospace related matters with a strong focus on the development of SMEs in this sector.

Since its establishment, over 12 years ago, EACP's Mission to “Increase the competitiveness of the European Aerospace Ecosystem focusing on SMEs and regions, by leveraging the collective knowledge and efforts from all national and regional European Aerospace clusters” has proven to be a value creating body. It provides tools, activities, events & solutions for its member clusters as well as to the cluster members creating a global network. Within this network, business information is shared and fostering the development of mutually beneficial collaboration with important sector players including OEM’s and their Tiered preferred supplier network. 

Thus, in the framework of the pandemic and due to the necessity of the aerospace supply chain to find new impulses, the EACP has successfully launched its virtual matchmaking event “EACP Virtual B2B - Aerospace Applications & Technologies” between the 8th and 10th June 2021. An EACP experts team lead by one of its members - HEGAN (Basque Aerospace Cluster) -, in cooperation with the European Enterprise Network (EEN), initiated and coordinated the event, which was held on EEN’s virtual platform B2Match. EEN’s extensive business network completed EACP's business universe.

In the morning of June 8th, the participants were welcomed by a Virtual Conference with industry experts from aerospace OEMs like Airbus, Boeing, Embraer and Thales Alenia Space as well as contributions from European Commission, EACP, Lufthansa Technik and AeroDynamic Advisory discussing new horizons in Aviation, expectations in global Aerospace Supply Chain and future applications on Research & Technology areas.

In the following two and a half days 953 validated participants from 52 different countries had the opportunity to meet with companies, suppliers, counterparts and potential partners to establish Business to Business (B2B) and Cluster to Business (C2B) relationships. The result is value creation and cooperation development, raising the synergies along the whole aerospace supply chain and making the event a complete success!  



Key Figures


  • Welcome Conference 8th June: 211 maximum people connected live streaming and 898 people have watched the recorded video on YouTube. 
  • The final number of validated participants is 953 from 52 different countries 
  • 747 collaboration opportunities have been presented (Marketplace) 
  • The number of scheduled meetings is 1,161 and there were 457 people who have organized meetings
  • The total number of meetings during the three days were 1149. 


Conference: The Conference on Tuesday June 8 was divided into two blocks.


  • Arturo ANTÓN - SPRI-Basque Business Development Agency, Basque EEN (0:53) 


1st PANEL (Institutional)

Moderator: Frank JANSEN - NAG-Netherlands Aerospace Group, EACP member (4:06)


- Klaus MÜLLER - AeroDynamic Advisory (7:30) “SMEs perspectives in Aerospace Industry”

- Anna MAAßEN - European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (37:08) "EACP´s added value to SMEs in times of crisis"

- Francky CALLEWAERT - European Commission (58:07) "Opportunities and support for European Aerospace SMEs" 


Note: You can watch the Welcome and 1st Panel presentations from the following link:



2nd PANEL (Industrial Content with OEMs) 

Moderator: Juan Tomás HERNANI - Satlantis, HEGAN member (0:27)


- Christian WEIMER- Airbus (1:51) “Sustainable Materials and Processing Technologies for Future Aviation Applications”

- Kellie LISH - Boeing 15:39) “The Boeing Global Supply Chain Business Environment”

- João Pedro TABORDA - Embraer (35:39) “Embraer – Building an Innovation culture”

- Eliza BAKARDZHIEVA & Lennart MAY - Lufthansa Technik (55:42) “Lufthansa Technik’s supply chain operations during the crisis and going forward”

- Federico MASSOBRIO - Thales Alenia Space (1:12:15) “Roadmaps and Technological Needs for Exploration” 


Note: You can watch also the 2nd Panel presentations from the following link: 



Testimonies: We have received positive feedback from our presenters as well as the B2B participants.  

Here are some of the testimonies: 

Testimony # 1 

“Thank you for the opportunity to share our message, it was a true pleasure to be able to participate.  Please do not worry about the timing, we are a global company. It was a great conference with good messaging.  I really valued listening to all the other panel members.  Good job on the coordination and a big thank you to both moderators and especially Martín’s support.   

Let us know how we can support in the future.”

Testimony # 2 

“It has been quite a success that we must now capitalized as EACP. We should plan some action to do it (unless you have already something in place or in mind) Claudio and I had more than 20 B2Bs and hope to follow up them in some way. Looking forward to receiving more info from EEN. 

Congratulation again, Ana and other friends”