From left to right: Andrew Mair (MAA), Frank Jansen (NAG), Thilo Schönfeld (AV), Francine Schulz (HAv), Petr Tomasek (MAC), Gennaro Russo (DAC), Göran Berlemo (ACS), Francoise Galvin (ARA)

The EACP celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary in Birmingham!

19 March 2019, Aerospace Forum Birmingham

We are proud that the EACP is already celebrating its 10th anniversary. So far, the EACP has seen great success with hundreds of thousands in funding secured and dozens of international projects, all supporting SMEs in aerospace.

Many thanks to Midlands Aerospace Alliance for hosting and celebrating the 10 years of the EACP during the Aerospace Forum Birmingham.  During the Forum, top-class speakers gave presentations about various aerospace topics as well as our friend and EACP member Frank Jansen from the Netherlands Aerospace Group, who gave an interesting and entertaining speech!

During the 10 Year EACP reception, Francine Schulz spoke about the challenging times for cross-border projects and networks; however, the EACP has come a great way with this shared vision in aerospace. Aviation remains one of the most international industries in the world, and the EACP is looking forward to the next 10 years of successful collaboration, and of course with our UK partners remaining a visible part of it.

Many thanks to all of the 43 cluster members of the EACP, who support the growth, strength, and innovation of our European Cluster.

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