Teaming Up against Covid-19

Teaming Up against Covid-19

The Corona Virus Sars-Covid-2 struck most of us like a bolt from the blue. With its steadily rapid diffusion and with the increasing number of infected people, new problems arise for governments, companies and citizens. In this framework, the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership establishes itself once more as a quick-reacting and uncomplicated platform for exchange and cooperation.

In times of crisis, fast reactions and exchange of information  are of vital importance for a transnational acting network. For the EACP it was therefore, of utter importance to establish a reliable, quick, updated and easy to handle exchange tool for regional information, which gives support in another way as the ongoing exchange via mail.

EACP initiated different channels as  #membersupport and #nationalperspectives to easier exchange about these crucial topics within the network. EACP members share information about each other’s region, about the development of the pandemic, about the economical perspective of their regions and about best-practices to supper their members. They use the good relationships between all EACP members throughout Europe to learn about which provisions (production stop, legal regulations, industrial safety measures etc.) every region has taken in order to tackle the pandemic. This information can be helpful to inform members about the status of their supply chain and allows adjusting capacities. Like this, the networks and its members try to help the aviation industry as a whole to survive this particular difficult moment.

As part of a global supply chain, suppliers in Spain or Italy might be directly linked to companies in Austria or Germany. So shutdowns cascade easily from one to the other and harm  productions. Knowing this as soon as possible enables companies to react in an appropriate manner, establishing direct contact with their regional governments and workforce.

Furthermore, EACP fosters the exchange of best-practices and ideas between its clusters. In this way new formats, tools as well as government provisions spread through Europe allowing everyone to take out of this pool what might be suitable and fitting.

Finally yet importantly, the exchange spreads the feeling of going through this together and also support each other in this serious situation. By comforting each other with good proposals and examples of hope and joy, the sense of unity is increased, which can be shared with the clusters’ members through every possible channel.