Lombardia Aerospace Cluster held their Annual General Assembly

Varese, 19th April 2018

About 6 billion turnover for the Aerospace sector, which in Lombardy employs 16,000 people

Lombardy Aerospace industry: export + 9.4%


Angelo Vallerani, Cluster President: "We ask the Region to help us not to disperse an aeronautical and space know-how that very few territories have in the world "

"The main feature of the aerospace industry is a strong propensity for research. Therefore, investing in aerospace at regional level proves to be a high-yield investment for the whole territory ", so Angelo Vallerani, Lombardia Aerospace Cluster President, opened the Cluster’s Annual General Assembly. The annual meeting, representing a sector with more than 220 companies in Lombardy, started with an explicit appeal to the Region by the President: "Help us not to disperse an aeronautical and space know-how that very few territories have in the world. We can boast a century of history, skills, technological variety, a complete supply chain for all types of flights, from helicopters to aircraft to space ".

Fabrizio Sala, Regione Lombardia Vice President and Regional Councilor for Research, Innovation, University, export and internationalization, who was attending the Assembly, replied: "Lombardia Aerospace Cluster is one of the most technological among the 9 we have in our territory. So internationalization means to define the objectives and the territories we want to reach in the different areas of the world, in order to be even more competitive. We have great possibilities, because here there is a know-how at the highest levels in the world. And Regione Lombardia intends to do exactly this".

Data confirm the importance of the Lombardy aerospace sector for the Italian industry and not only. In 2017, the Lombardian sector's exports reached almost 1 and a half billion euros, an increase of 9.4% compared to the previous year. Lombardian sector's exports represents the 27% of the Italian sector's exports. With regard to imports, on the other hand, there are 478 million registered in 2017, a slight decrease compared to 2016 (-5.4%), representing the 18% of the Italian export’s imports. The balance of the trade balance, therefore, was positive for over 950 million euro, up by 18.6% compared to the previous year.

The main markets for the past 12 months were Poland (with 149 million euros), the United Kingdom (142 million), France (133 million), China (109 million) and Pakistan (94 million). Moreover, among the Italian provinces, Varese in 2017 was the first one for aerospace exports, with almost 1 billion and 300 million euros, up 10.6% compared to 2016. This trend is in contrast with the other italian provinces. Also at regional level, Varese confirms positive performances both in terms of exports and imports of aircraft, spacecraft and related devices, which represent respectively 88% and 74% of the Lombardian trade.

Lombardia Aerospace Cluster was born in 2014 from the previous Promoter Committee of the Lombardian Aerospace District, founded in 2009 by 8 companies. Since its foundation, the Cluster has grown steadily to include today, 88 active members among companies (80), Universities and research centers with high aerospace specialization (6), Testing Lab (1) and trade associations (1). The entire Lombardy aerospace production chain currently has a total of about 16,000 employees with a total turnover of around 6 billion euros.