Invitation to tender for database linking platform

The European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP) is a network of European aerospace clusters established in the frame of CLUNET, a PRO INNO EUROPE project that encourages the sharing of experiences and that supports the implementation of concrete projects regarding cluster innovation and development policies.

The EACP aims at initiating an active exchange of information and knowledge between all partners and at developing and realizing concrete steps for long-term trans-national cooperation between clusters and companies for a stronger and more competitive European position in the world aerospace markets.

The EACP is organized as a partnership based on Letters of Intent. It provides the opportunity for each member to participate in one or several working groups that aim at solving common challenges and contribute to the development of each member cluster to achieve high-level performance by developing and realizing various joint projects.

Currently the EACP has 42 members of 16 countries and receives continuously new applications.



EACP intends to install a system to link different member databases. Today each cluster is running its own database to provide access to the different stakeholders within the cluster. The idea of a database linking system is to virtually connect the different and already existing databases for SME, R&D institutions and remaining support infrastructure and make them accessible through a central search option for all project partners. It therefore shall provide a “metasearch-engine” for collaboration throughout the aerospace value chain without the need for any changes on the existing databases.


This Invitation to Tender (“ITT”) has been prepared by the EACP for the purpose of inviting proposals from your organization and others for the provision of a database linking mechanism described under ‘Specification of requirements’ in the following section:





The database linking mechanism to be developed shall offer the possibility to interconnect the contents of several existing databases in order to make them accessible by one single search tool. It sh

  • Create a virtual company network allowing across-region’s queries and decision-making supported information flow easily between clusters and their members from various regions.
  • Develop open entry-points into each others’ existing network structures for queries from the partner-cluster in order to improve the communication between respective cluster member.
  • Keep the resulting database platform open for further partners from EACP-network and allow every new partner keeping possible existing (and working) structures.



Content description

The fundamental principles of the desired platform are explained in the following diagram:

The knowledge platform shall include the following points:

  • Establish a working, easy to implement, affordable method to allow the sharing of information providing a multi-database integrated query ability.
  • Create an easy replicable set-up that allows the other clusters/organisations to easily join with low investment on integration of additional databases.
  • The developed structure should be platform-independent allowing the implementation and/or further development without changing the existing and running information structure.
  • The minimum set of data to be available across the participating databases shall be:
    • Company Name
    • Company Logo
    • URL to database-Entry
    • City
    • Country
    • Cluster-Membership
    • Keywords / Sector



Output and timing for the tender

The established database linking platform shall be described in a power point presentation. This Power Point Presentation should include at le

  • Technical solution that will be used, interfaces, technical requirements
  • Timeline
  • Cost
  • Point of contact at tenderer

The first test version has to be presented no later than 15th December 2017.



Form of tenders

Tenderers should present their proposals in the following format:

Section 1       Table of contents

Section 2       Management summary

Section 3       Meeting the specification, offered solution

Section 4       Answers to the questions for bidders

Section 5       Cost and charging arrangements

Section 6       Contact details

Please respond in full to each of the questions for bidders set out below to allow the EACP to make an informed selection of the most appropriate solution. You should repeat the question in your proposal and then include your answer.

Please reply to all the questions even if you have previously provided this information. This is to ensure that the EACP can compare each of the options and the suppliers one-to-one in a fair and reasonable manner.

Please submit your proposal written in English.


Questions for bidders:

1. Objectives and Approach: How will you meet the objectives of the project specification?

2. Methodology/Technology: What is your proposed methodology and technology for the database linking?

3. Experience / Expertise: What relevant experience/technical expertise do you have in the establishment of webbased databases of this nature and/or relating to this subject?

4. Stakeholder Engagement: How will you engage with relevant stakeholders in order to construct a robust evidence base? What assurance can you give that you will be able to obtain information of sufficient quality given the commercial sensitivities which exist in this area?

5. Staffing: Who will be in charge of the set-up of the database linking platform? Please include details of all personnel who would be working on the project, details of relevant work experience, and the specific roles and share of the work that will be assigned to each of them.

6. Timeline: Please confirm that you will be able to comply with the timeline indicated in the invitation to tender.


Procurement timetable

Please submit your signed tender via email in pdf format, no later than November 10, 2017, to:

The EACP expects to be able to select and notify successful and unsuccessful tenderers by November 12, 2017.



Pricing Schedule

Please provide a summary of costs for each part of the database linking platform

Costs should be quoted exclusive of VAT.



Tender evaluation

Proposals will be evaluated by the quality of the proposal overall against the following criteria:

  • overall understanding of the work required;
  • responses to the questions for bidders listed above
  • cost; and
  • value for money.



One invoice shall be prepared by the successful candidate on completion of the service.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions.


With kind regards,

Anna Maaßen

Manager International Affairs