International Air Transport Forum - Ulyanovsk 2018

This August the city of Ulyanovsk will host the 5th International Air Transport Forum (IATF).

The main topics of the Forum will be the development of technology and human capital. Moreover, a roundtable discussion on cooperation issues of the MC-21 aircraft construction is to be held among the components suppliers. A discussion on the regional logistics development with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is also to be held. Traditional roundtable discussions and conferences devoted to the improvement of production technologies of components and aircraft in Russia are also to take place.

In matters of human capital development there will be a serious discussion in several areas: how the development of unmanned aerial vehicles will affect the development of professions in aviation; what professions of the future will be relevant in polytechnic education together with the development of the 4.0 industry of aircraft construction; the role of a career guidance in the region development. In this direction AviaSkills competitions on engineering competencies are planned to be organized.