International Aerospace Week Montréal - 16-20 April 2018

EACP members travel to Canada jointly to participate in the International Aerospace Week Montréal!


From April 16th to the 20th, EACP members AED Portugal, Aerospace Valley, Aviaspace Bremen, Hamburg Aviation, and Skywin Wallonia along with many other groups traveled to Montreal to participate in the International Aerospace week! It is one of the largest events in the global aerospace industry in North America and for one week, groups attended world-class events and meet with all industry leaders.  The International Aerospace Week held over 1,300+ participants, 100+ international speakers, and 1,400+ B2B meetings.  The EACP members enjoyed their experience in Canada and recommend to other members the benefits and excitement of attending next year! The EACP's main focus of the business mission was to bring Europe's involvement and visibility across the Atlantic and to network and share knowledge in the aviation industry. 

Brief Overview of Events

On Sunday, 15 April, Hamburg sent “Head Delegation” to most important Canadian aviation congress of the year, the International Aerospace Week in Montréal. Together with the Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation and the ZAL TechCenter, Hamburg Aviation was welcomed by the German Consulate General Montréal and the Canadian Aviation Cluster, Aéro Montréal.

On Monday, 16 April, a special thanks given to Aéro Montréal and Deputy Premier of Québec, Dominique Anglade, for a very warm welcome at the IAW!

Jens Gralfs, Head of R&T for Airbus in Germany, talked about A320 ramp-up and the digital factory of tomorrow. Maybe there was a difference to the previous years with a little more participation from Airbus side, which surprised no one. 

On Wednesday, 18 April, the International Aerospace Week continued with the famous RDV Forum "Rendez-Vous Forum" of CRIAQ. 16 project ideas from Germany threw their hat into the ring for Canadian R&D interest and another 5 from the Belgium colleagues and even more international pitches.

On Thursday, 19 April Thilo Schoenfeld  from the French aviation cluster Aerospace Valley, Sebastiano Fumero (EU Commission) and others discuss further options for collaboration in R&D between Canada and EU. A step in this direction could be the EU funded project ICARe (International Cooperation in Aviation Research), which fosters bilateral exchange in research projects. Schoenfeld also took the chance to introduce the RDV Forum audience to the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP). Due to the close cooperation with Aero Montréal, the cluster management is well aware about this network, but it was definitely interesting for the Canadian stakeholders to learn about another way how to cooperate with European players.  


The EACP looks forward to attending the next International Aerospace Week Montréal! Many new contacts were established as well as great ideas developed and discussed. 





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