EACP Meetings & GAC-Pre Event in Toulouse

Global Aerospace Managers and EACP Members met at Aeromart Toulouse for the GAC-Pre Event this past December!

Several EACP members met at Aeromart Toulouse where working group meetings took place as well as four new international clusters spiked potential interest in the EACP.  During the afternoon on Tuesday, December 4th, eight EACP members and seven global cluster managers met at Hotel Mercure for the GAC-Pre Event to discuss and plan for the upcoming Global Aerospace Cluster Summit 2019. 

EACP Coordinator Francine Schulz began the afternoon with a warm welcome followed by a brief introduction from each manager then recapped the GAC18 by explaining the objectives and purpose of the GAC meetings.

Following the introduction and recap, the international group launched into discussions and debate on the upcoming GAC19.  Firstly, the location and date of the GAC19 were confirmed: Paris Le Bourget Airshow in Paris city center on the morning of the 21st July 2019.

Furthermore, the managers were divided into two groups where the first group consisted of participants from Poland, Canada, Italy, Turkey and the U.K. Their discussion topics revolved around the keynote speakers, cluster matching, improving relations between clusters, consolidation (boosting competiveness SME collaboration), and promotion by inviting other global clusters to upcoming events.

The second group consisted of managers from France, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, and Singapore and their discussion topics were about a GAC reception at air shows, how to do business in Asia, gathering international cluster managers together, and a potential, future GAC meeting in Asia (perhaps during the Singapore Airshow).

Everyone during the GAC-Pre Event brought great ideas to the table, which lead to thoughtful and meaningful discussions for the upcoming Global Aerospace Cluster Summit during the Paris Air show this summer.  We look forward to seeing many familiar and new faces at the GAC19!

Save the date in your calendar 21st of June and be on the look-out in the upcoming weeks for the Eventbrite GAC19 Invitation.

For more information about the GAC19, please contact Francine Schulz:

+49 40 2270 19 478

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