EACP Annual General Assembly Meeting

The EACP held the 2018 General Assembly Meeting last week in Delft, The Netherlands.

Last week during the EACP General Assembly, 37 cluster members from over 14+ different countries and guest Innovation Quarter of Holland traveled to the beautiful city of Delft to participate in the 2018 General Assembly. This year again we had great participation from each cluster member and a fantastic working atmosphere! Many thanks again to NAG for hosting this year’s General Assembly.

Throughout the last year, the EACP could strengthen the network through many interesting initiatives, joint business missions, B2B events, projects, etc. This is made possible through the commitment of the many EACP member especially the ones engaged in the EACP Working Groups. We are very happy that the good work and great results attracted another European cluster, the Shannon IASC Cluster, which joined the EACP as the 43rd member and signed the LoI during the Farnborough Airshow in July.

The idea of the EACP General Assembly is to bring once a year all members together as this network relies on the personal contact between all members and to inform everyone about the ongoing activities and discussions. The idea is also to invite new members to learn more about the possibilities and offers the network holds for all members. Therefore the General Assembly was once again packed with many great discussions, presentations, and debates.

The EACP has grown throughout the past 9 years and made great achievement. This results in the fact that the network is increasing its potential and is getting more and more serious. Greater responsibilities require better structures and allow the question: Should the EACP become a legal entity? “Could that support us in realizing our objectives or would that weaken the original idea of this network which relies on our diversity and the fact that members are from different size and strength?” This discussion had been prepared throughout the year in the respective Working Groups and resulted in a voting with all members during the General Assembly. Another very interesting topic was an intensive discussion about “Brexit” and its consequences for the European aerospace industry. It is without a question that the Brexit will not change our good relation and cooperation with the British colleagues on cluster management level within the EACP, but it is without a doubt that it will have a deep impact on the industry and on our cluster members.

We would like to thank and congratulate everybody for the commitment shown by so many members during the year and the presentation of work results at General Assembly 2018. The 5 EACP Working Groups Internationalisation, Supply Chain, Strategy, Skills, and Technology developed very well and furthered the ideas of the network immensely.

We are very happy to announce that the General Assembly voted that next year’s General Assembly 2019 will be hosted by Torino Piemonte Aerospace (TPA) in Italy, one of the founding members of EACP and also the first time in Italy, home of several EACP members. We are already looking forward to seeing everyone next year!

Many thanks again to NAG for hosting the EACP GA 2018 and allowing us to work in a great atmosphere. We also would like to thank the cluster manager Frank Jansen and his team for giving us an insight into the high technology of the region. Especially interesting was the visit of Yes! Delft and World Horticenter , which was a totally new but very interesting new sector for all participants.
We look forward to visiting again as Delft made a very promising and exciting impression which needs to be exploited again.

Thank you all for sharing, experiencing, and being a part of the EACP network.


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