AED - Portugal

AED signs with the EACP at the Farnborough International Airshow

Formally known as PEMAS, the AED Cluster Portugal has expanded from an aviation cluster with the themes Space & Defence; however, already is a founding member of the EACP and has always been one of the most active and therefore most important EACP partners.  For years, the cluster has led WG Strategy and has been a project partner in numerous EU projects.  During the signing of the Lol between the AED and the EACP, the Portuguese Secretary of State for Internationalization was present and accompanied and supported the Lol.

We look forward to a good cooperation in the EACP! 

About AED Cluster Portugal

AED Cluster Portugal is the Portuguese Cluster of the Aeronautics, Space and Defence Industries and was created in 2016 as a private non-for-profit organization, inheriting the associative track record of three previous sectorial associations for Aeronautics (PEMAS), Space (PROESPACO) and Defence (DANOTEC). 

See the AED website here.