11 Years of EACP - Happy Birthday to Us!

On May 6th EACP turned 11!

The European Aerospace Cluster Partnership turns 11! May 6th 2009 was the official starting date for one of the most important European cross-cluster projects. A project, which has to demonstrate its strength in these challenging times. The constant exchange of best-practices and ideas, has taken a leading role in the response to the Covid-19 crises. Furthermore, a feeling of unity, support and strength grows steadily amongst our members, thanks to their relentless, daily information exchange. This demonstrates, once more, what a great development the EACP has undergone in the past 11 years, being nowadays a major aerospace industry hub.


That is why, even in these arduous and demanding times, we wanted to celebrate properly the creation of this fantastic network. With a short (digital) get together, we toasted to another 11 and more healthy EACP years! Together we are stronger, your EACP team – cheers :-)