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13.11.17 Company Mission to Seattle in occasion of PNAA's 17th Annual Aerospace Conference

Join Niedersachsen Aviation for a European company mission to the world's largest aerospac

13.11.17 First Brazilian Aerospace Business Summit in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil

The Brazilian Aerospace Cluster and the EACP (European Aerospace Cluster Partnership) will


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HEGAN – Basque Aerospace Cluster

Asociación Cluster de Aeronautica y Espacio del Pais Vasco, HEGAN

Cluster Description

Facts & Figures

Number of companies 38 Members (8 non SME, 27 SMEs and 3 R&D Organizations)
Number of employees More than 12,000 direct employees in all of the facilities around the world
Number of research institutes 14 (with aerospace activities)
Other cluster members Universities (5), Basque Government, Local Administrations, etc.

Cluster Management

Organizational form Non-profit Private Association
Financing Member fees, and public funding from other sources and grants (30/70)

Main Actors

Main industry actors
  • AERNNOVA (Founder): Tier1, Complete Subsystems for Aerostructures
  • ITP (Founder): Tier1, Complete Subsystems for Engines
  • SENER (Founder): Engineering and Subassemblies for Aerostructures, Engines, Space and Systems & Equipment
  • ALESTIS: Tier1, Complete Subsystems for Aerostructures
  • ACITURRI: Tier1, Complete Subsystems for Aerostructures, and Tier2 for Engines components
  • Main research institutes
  • CTA - Aeronautical Technology Centre: Tier1 for testing for and certification, with 3 sites for Aerostructures, Engines and HALT tests
  • TECNALIA: R&D Corporation with 6 R&D Centres with Aerospace activities
  • IK4 – R&D Alliance with 5 R&D Centres with Aerospace activities

    Cluster Competences and Strategy

    Strengths & Competences

    As Association, HEGAN is the first Regional Aerospace Cluster in Spain (1997) and since then it works to provide answers to the strategic challenges of the sector through cooperation.

    As industry, our members main strength is the correct choose of partners, clients and programmes with a long-term vision, balancing and diversifying the products and services they supply with a multi-client, multi-product and multi-segment view.

    Likewise, the sector continues to be a leader in quality and all its members have had the EN9100 certificate since 2005 and their special processes have had the NADCAP certificate since 2007.

    Science & Research

    As association, we coordinate the R&D-Cluster-Committee where the members work in collaborative projects.

    As industry and R&D Centres, our members are involved in R&D projects at all levels: regional, national and European; individual and collective; research, development and innovation; engineering, processes, materials and testing... They invested an annual average of 14% over sales in R&D since 1996, being their self-financing effort of 80% out of the total amount. 

    International Collaboration

    As association, we try to help our members setting up relationships with clients and associations, by organizing missions, visits, B2B conventions and participations in shows and trade-fairs.

    As industry, our members are taking part in the most important programmes at an international level, supplying large equipped, complete engine sub-systems and advanced products and services for the space and sytems and equipment subsectors to clients such as Airbus, Astrium, Boeing, Bombardier, Cassidian, Embraer, ESA, Eurocopter, Eurojet, Europrop, Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Sikorsky, Snecma, Turbomeca.

    Hegan members have more than 130 facilities, half of them in the Basque Countr and the rest distributed in other areas of Spain and abroad (Germany, Brazil, India, Malta, Mexico, Rumania, USA and GB) employing around 12.000 workers and with a turnover of about 1.5000 million Euros.

    Main Challenges

    HEGANs last reflection identified the challenges where the association could give value to the members. Those challenges (included in our Strategic Plan 2013-2016) are:

    Reinforce the value chain
    Improve our positioning in market (customers)
    Representation & communication
    Give context to make strategic decisions
    Generate, retain and attract talent
    Specific training

    All challenges focus on collaboration and cooperation.