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20.05.2012 16:16 Age: 5 yrs


By: Nadine Sablotny

The Regional Ministers of Presidency and Economy have inaugurated this centre on Thursday, called Aeronautic Suppliers Village, with an investment of € 5 millions and the first one in Spain offering this kind of service

Seville, 20 May 2012. The Regional Minister of Presidency; Susana Díaz, and the Regional Minister of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Antonio Ávila, inaugurated last Thursday on the site of Aerópolis the  Aeronautic Suppliers Village, a centre focused on hosting suppliers and enterprises involved in the A400M with capability to host until 80 firms and 500 employees.

 The Aeronautic Suppliers Village will be home to both those national and international aerospace enterprises willing to have a site close to potential aerospace partners and also those A400M FAL suppliers. The A400M is being assembled at the Airbus Military plant, in the southern site of Aerópolis.

 A number of these enterprises involved in the A400M supply chain have their plants out of the park and need to be present on the site of the assembly line for specific actions if required by the tractor company.

 These requirements need immediate response, since they usually are incorporations, substitutions or little repair coming out in the assembly process. If suppliers have to face any raising transport cost to ensure just-in-time delivery, Aerópolis is providing now new office space, small modular warehouses or workshops fully equipped ready to start working.

 The Aeronautic Suppliers Village model is the first one of its kind developed in Spain and has followed the Vendors Village model, from Toulouse for the A380 final assembly line where equipment providers (vendors) are located to respond to these challenges and keep transport costs under control and logistics facilities close to the final production site.  

Premises features

The new premises provide enterprises, research teams and entities spaces from 35 m2 for office spaces or workshops to 150 m2 of warehouse fully equipped and ready to work and flexible to be adapted to the enterprises' necessities. 

It has a total surface of 8.616 m2, near 2.400 out of it are devoted to warehouses, about 1.370 to offices and 1.100 to local warehouses and workshops. It had an investment of about €5 millions, co-financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation within the Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation National Plan and the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF).

 As a whole, the Centre can be home to 80 enterprises and 30 workshops involving around half a million of people when working at full capacity. Two enterprises have set up so far and another half a dozen are interested in doing so. 

 This site is focused on A400M suppliers and the aerospace firms willing to be located close to the prime tractor, Airbus Military, to the top level suppliers and to more than 50 auxiliary enterprises.

 The Aeronautic Suppliers Village is fully equipped and works as a business centre, thus, enterprises will be able to set up for periods of any kind of duration in fully equipped offices in terms of furniture and computing, in workshops or renting warehouses of flexible space to get adapted to the companies' specific necessities.

Besides, as a great asset, the enterprises and firms being established at the new premises will be able to access to a wide range of advanced and R+D service portfolio provided by Aerópolis as well as to the different business incentive and boost innovation orders at regional and national level thanks to its technological park condition. Like this, they will come to a site which already involves 45% of the Andalusian aerospace turnover and 33% of employment.  

Aerópolis provide outstanding advanced services to the enterprises like information about financial backing to set up innovative ideas and about R+D grants, scientific and technical events, knowledge transfer, etc; support to elaborate and manage R+D projects, reassure the relations of collaboration among the Park enterprises and with external entities and internationalization; as well as acquiring visibility and position through communication and promotion activities carried out by Aerópolis.  

The construction of this new building is embodied in a sustained project devoted to provide the aerospace enterprises state-of-the-art spaces where to locate, cooperate and reach synergy effects on the site of the only Technological Scientific Park exclusively devoted to Aeronautics.  

These premises are intended to put together the enterprises involving the aerospace intelligence, providing them the possibility of being present in one of the three most relevant European poles and the one which probably has more possibilities of growing thanks to its strategic participation in the prime European aerospace programmes.  

Visits to enterprises

The inauguration of the Supplier Village  last Thursday is been held in the framework of ADM, the biggest aerospace convention taking place in Spain which has been held during last week in Seville.  

 288 aerospace enterprises and associations from 25 countries, among there are the 48 prime international contractors, including the four biggest world manufacturers have participated in this event. In total 690 professionals registered who have held until 6.000 business meetings, in which 2.000 had the participation of some Andalusian enterprise plus other hundreds of professionals as visitors.  

The meetings started on Monday with technical conferences, followed by two days of workshops and business meetings held in FIBES (Exhibition Centre of Seville) and finished on Thursday with the Suppliers Village opening and the visits to Andalusian enterprises located in Aerópolis (Seville) and the Technological Park Tecnobahía (Cadiz).

 More than a hundred of professionals have participated in these visits which have included the A400M FAL, The Centre for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (CATEC) and 18 enterprises of Aerópolis, among them Aernnova, Alestis, Sofitec, Inespasa, MDU, Teams and Navair. At the same time, a dozen of professionals have visited the Airbus plant in Tecnobahía and the enterprise Carbures, in Cádiz.

Aerópolis assessment

The Aeronautic Suppliers Village adds a strategic premise to the Technological Park Aerópolis, whcih comprises already more than 55 enterprises including top level suppliers, auxiliary enterprises and aerospace competitive subsectors. These enterprises have a turnover of almost € 900 millions and employ around 3.370 people, 45% of the aerospace sales and 33% of employment.

 Aerópolis is the first Spanish Technological Scientific Park exclusively devoted to aerospace business and research and it is strategic located close to the A400M Final Assembly Line. The Aerópolis enterprises participate in the major global aerospace programmes, among them,  A400M, A380, A350, A330MRTT and Eurofighter.

Public investment within the Park goes over €111,7 millions so far, which has enabled to carry out projects like the Centre for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (CATEC), these facilities inaugurated on Thursday and the Engineering Centre which is currently under construction and which will be open within the next few weeks.